Pig Tracking

Effectively tracking the pig is vital to the success of your pipeline project. Bolin’s experienced Pig Tracking Technicians actively or passively track pigs using state-of-the-art listening devices and transmitters. We use precision technology to communicate calculated pig location real-time, and take the utmost care in placing Above Ground Markers (AGMs) accurately.

pig tracking services

Benchmarking, GPS, and Documentation

Sub-Meter or Sub-Decimeter
GPS Coordinates Recorded
Access Information
One-Call Information Documentation
HCA Indentification

Pipeline Locating

Accurate Measurement for Excavation Crews

Pig Tracking

ILI Tools
Batching Pigs
N2 Purge Pigs

ILI Dig Staking

Access Routes Identification
One-Call Information Preparation

Landowner Contacting

Commitment to Safety

Creating a "Safety Culture" is at the heart of everything we do at Bolin. The goal of developing a safety culture is to instill the qualities that motivate employees to strive to achieve safety excellence. Our ultimate objective is to create a work environment where each and every employee becomes personally committed and concerned about their safety and the safety of their co-workers.