Benchmarking, Pig Tracking, and Dig Staking

Bolin Enterprises helps our customers maintain the integrity of their pipelines with our Benchmarking, Pig Tracking, and Dig Staking services. Our reliable methods help prevent costly mistakes. With more than 30 years in the industry, Bolin has experience you can trust..



Benchmarking and establishing accurate and repeatable Above Ground Marker (AGM) locations are crucial steps for maintaining the integrity of your pipeline. These allow for the successful investigation of anomalies identified by the In-Line Inspection (ILI) Tool. Bolin Pig Tracking and Benchmarking technicians are highly skilled and understand the importance of accurate benchmarking and documentation prior to the tool run and box deployment and activation during the tool run.

Successful deployment and accurate placement of AGMs results in efficient measurement and marking of the anomalies to be investigated, whether tape-chained in or through the use of GPS coordinates from the ILI Tool vendor. Taking this step can save you tens of thousands of dollars by increasing the efficiency of the excavation crew and inspector.

Bolin Benchmarking and Pig Tracking technicians gather sub-centimeter GPS coordinates for the benchmarked locations and follow our customer’s policies for establishing, marking, and identifying the benchmark location.


Pig Tracking

Bolin’s experienced Pig Tracking technicians are dedicated to making sure your pipeline remains safe, efficient, and operational. We track pigs of all varieties using state-of-the-art listening technology and receivers for detecting transmitters.

Our pig tracking services include use of the following:

  • ILI Tools
  • Gauging and Geometry Tools
  • Cleaning Pigs
  • Water Displacement and Drying Pigs
  • Scraper Pigs
  • Nitrogen Purge Pigs
  • Rescue Pigs


Dig Staking and One-Call Information

Bolin Pig Tracking technicians will accurately stake out your dig locations ahead of time. Pre-staking of the dig locations allows the excavation crews, welders, inspectors, non-destructive testing (NDT) technicians, and land agents to do their work and be more efficient.

The Bolin Pig Tracking technician will complete a Dig Staking Report that includes the following:

Site Information

  • Dig Site Number
  • System and Segment
  • Stationing
  • Right-of-Way/ROW
  • County, Township, State, Parish (as applicable)
  • Address (as applicable)

Safety-Related Conditions (SRC) Report

  • Identifies if the following are within 220 yards of the Dig Site:
    -Buildings intended for human occupancy or outdoor places of assembly
    -Active railroads, paved roads, paved streets, or paved highways
  • Water Pollution Potential
    -At onshore locations where a loss of hazardous liquid could reasonably be expected to pollute any stream, river, lake, reservoir, or other body of water. This distance isn’t defined so if there is a nearby body of water, the customer will be notified.

Dig Site Access and Terrain

  • Dig Site Description
  • Access Route Description
  • SRC Descriptions (if applicable)
  • Environmental Description (if applicable)

Method Used to Stake Dig

  • Tape Chained
  • GPS
  • Combination Tape Chained and GPS

One-Call Sheet

  • Contains all the information for the excavator company to place the One-Call

Aerial Maps

  • Google images


  • Dig Site
  • Access Points (as needed)
  • SRCs (as applicable)
  • Environmental (as applicable)


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