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NWBOC Certified

Judy Bolin, President of
Bolin Enterprises, Inc. has been
certified as a business owned and
controlled by a woman by the
National Women Business Owners
Corporation (NWBOC) the first
national certifier of
Women Business Enterprises.

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Right-of-Way Clearing

OQ Trained Personnel! – Our associates are OQ (Operator Qualified) trained for pipeline right-of-way clearing services.

Maintaining vegetation growth along pipeline and utility rights-of-way is important. When rights-of-ways are maintained properly, it allows for better inspections of the pipeline or utility system, access for maintenance and survey crews, and depicts an accurate location of the pipeline or utility.

BEI has the trained professionals to maintain your valuable assets. Using the latest in clearing and maintenance technology, our equipment and experience will get your rights-of-ways looking good.

Our staff is specifically OQ trained in the clearing of pipeline right-of-ways and we understand that working near high-pressure pipelines is critical.

  • Abnormal Operating Conditions
  • Line Locating
  • Right-of-Way Inspection
  • Line Marker Installation

  • Safety First! Our crews come trained and prepared to work. Site-Specific Safety Work plans and JSAs are standard procedure. We can adapt quickly to your company specific work procedures or Authorization to Work protocols.

  • Line Locating
  • Initial Clearing
  • Mowing and Mulching
  • Canopy Trimming
  • Landowner Contacting

  • Please contact us for further information about our Right-of-Way Clearing and Line Marking services.