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Judy Bolin, President of
Bolin Enterprises, Inc. has been
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controlled by a woman by the
National Women Business Owners
Corporation (NWBOC) the first
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Women Business Enterprises.

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Line Lowering

Line Lowering is one aspect of a complete Depth of Cover Management (DCM) program. BEI can survey the location gather depth and elevation information to determine a best course of remediation. If the pipeline needs to be lowered, we can perform the pipeline lowering following your company policies and/or along with industry “best practice” methods.

In some cases, the survey may reveal that additional coverage over the pipeline would be a sufficient repair. If so, we can arrange for the proper coverage material and place it over the pipeline.

If a lowering is the best course of action, we can provide the pipeline lowering services. Our mechanical and survey crew will:

  • Locate and flag pipeline for lowering as depicted by your Lowering Profile.
  • Excavate the pipeline per company policy
  • Locate all the pipeline welds
  • Support pipeline as required per your company profile
  • Inspect the pipeline and coating for damage
  • Repair coating as needed
  • Lower the pipeline
  • Backfill, dress-up and restore property as needed

  • As with all of our crews, GPS documentation can be provided. Please contact us with all your Line Lowering, Depth of Cover, Stream Back Stabilization, or Erosion Control needs.